What now?

I think that since the election a lot of people have been stuck with a sort of sinking feeling that we’re helpless in the face of an unstoppable tsunami of intentional ignorance and hate. I haven’t posted anything online since then because nothing I come up with feels worth saying, and my feelings on any individual course of action change pretty frequently. But through this shock-and-awe bombardment of some of the most backwards rhetoric and Newspeak, I’ve decided that the only reasonable approach is, as my adviser put it, “all efforts on all fronts.”

So even though I won’t be able to make the scientists’ march in DC, I’m going to put that money towards several other small projects:

  • From now on I’ll be sending one post card a day to the white house. I just pre-ordered this set of ‘women in science’ postcards (postcards under 4.5″x6″ ship USPS for 34¢).
  • I’m also doing what I can to support as many progressive organizations as possible (including those linked in the side bar) in mostly symbolic ways, and monetarily when I can.
  • Although it isn’t at the top of my concerns at the moment, I’m considering putting together a guide to digital security for activists; mostly because it’s something that I know a bit about. I’m not positive I’ll follow through on this idea though because the internet is already awash in similar compilations and guides.
  • I plan to be at every protest I can.
  • I’ll do my best to normalize political conversation in college classrooms, to combat efforts like TurningPointUSA’s database of progressive college instructors.

…and really anything else I think of that seems constructive. I think the most important thing I’ve learned recently is that no single action is going to pull us out of this, but maybe many small ones will.

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